Photography side is “officially” open for business!

I have been shooting lots of natural light portraits lately, but just letting everyone know that I have “officially” launched my lifestyle portrait photography business as of January 1. I’d love to see word-of-mouth advertising take off and build my bookings early this year. So…please get the word out and point people to my website or this blog! Shooting children, high school seniors, couples, engaged, and families primarily. I am having a blast capturing the faces of my clients in stunning portraiture! I also shoot corporate photography of executives and employees.

As part of the launch of my lifestyle portrait photography, I am offering a FREE individual portrait session valued at $495! Or, if preferred, the winner can have a family session for a $495 discount.

Here’s how it works: The FIRST person who books a paid portrait session of any kind by January 31, 2009 and tells me who referred them to me, the person who referred the newly booked client wins the portrait session offered here. Just a simple referral! That’s all it takes from you to have a chance at winning. The booked session can take place after January 31, but must be booked with a paid deposit by then.

But wait, there’s more! If I get 5 or more paid referrals by January 31, 2009 I will award one extra winner with the same opportunity by drawing from among the next 4 or more referrals after the first one already mentioned.

So, the more you promote my work the more chances you have of winning a free portrait session! Don’t let someone else beat you to it!

Thank you so much for encouraging me and supporting me by telling someone else about my work!

*I will determine the winner based on referral information given by the paid client(s). Winning portrait session date and location will be determined by me after January 31, 2009. It will be held within 50 miles of Birmingham, AL unless additional arrangements are paid for by winner.


~ by jeffreyrease on January 7, 2009.

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