Skydive Adventure Just for Fun

This has nothing much to do with photography or design, but it is important to get out and have some fun whenever possible…kinda keeps the creative juices (and adrenaline) flowing perhaps! I went tandem skydiving last Sunday with some friends from work. It was actually my second tandem jump (the first was last October 18). The first jump was a ‘bucket list’ thing. This one was more for pure fun, and to hopefully say I did it better the second time around. I was just as nervous the second time, perhaps even moreso because I kept having the vision of going out the door of the plane play over and over in my mind. This was a much different experience because it was a partly cloudy day rather than clear skies we had the first time, we were jumping from a smaller plane (a ‘well-used’ single engine Cessna instead of the newer twin-engine King Air), and exiting the plane was awkward…getting from a tight seated position attached to my tandem instructor and scooting out the door onto a small step attached to the wheel strut without holding onto anything – my brain just couldn’t make that feel natural at 10,000 feet (my first jump was from 14,000 feet)! It was an amazing fun jump, though less freefall time since we did jump from 4,000 ft. lower altitude. Here are a few photos, the first one by Jamie Lackey, the second by Scott Fee and the others shot by Doug Comstock, the Skydive Alabama photographer who jumped with me.


~ by jeffreyrease on July 14, 2010.

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