Shooting for a magazine ad

A couple of days ago I needed to design and create a quick full page ad for a restaurant that Culinard operates/manages called Century Restaurant and Bar located in the historic Tutwiler hotel in downtown Birmingham. I had already shot some photos over a year ago inside the restaurant, but needed a high quality shot of the hotel exterior. While the ad isn’t for the hotel, it is significant to feature it because it is a historic landmark downtown which most people recognize. We say that the restaurant is in the Tutwiler and everyone automatically knows where that is. So, in the evening at dusk I was in front of the hotel ready to shoot the front view. I had seen views of it before with very nice exterior accent lighting that illuminates some of the architectural features – the arched windows and balconies as well as the cornice of the building. None of those lights were on. I asked the front desk clerk if she could have someone turn those on. Unfortunately, the response was that some of the lights do not work and have to be replaced. All I could do was shoot it without those accent lights. If I could shoot it again, I would make sure well ahead of time that the lights are working and try to have as many room lights on as possible. But, this was a quick turnaround job. Below is the final ad that will appear in B-Metro magazine. All photos were shot by me except for the one of the man and woman.


~ by jeffreyrease on March 18, 2011.

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