Photoshop World in Las Vegas

By some good fortune and awesome friends I was able to go to Las Vegas and attend Photoshop World earlier this month. It is always great to see my friend Scott Kelby. Added to his team this year is my friend Pete Collins. I roomed with Pete while there and he was his usual funny and outgoing self. I could tell the attendees all like him. He fits right in with the other Photoshop Guys. I had a good time, as expected. My first time to be in Vegas. The conference can really hog all of your time there and I didn’t have an extended stay in order to see any shows or other attractions. I did walk down the strip on a bit of a photowalk and did some people watching. It’s a pretty friendly environment, but it’s sad that on every corner people are trying to handout flyers and cards for 1-800-HOT-BABES and billboard-size truck trailers with the same graphic messages are towed up and down the strip constantly in full view of children. But, it is sin-city.

I attended several sessions everyday and learned more about Photoshop again, because who REALLY knows all there is to know about the program? Awesome photographers and designers filled my mind with new tricks and techniques and ideas. I look forward to trying them. Light painting is something I’m very excited to try after watching photographer Dave Black demonstrate it.

Here are some of my photos from the trip. Enjoy.


~ by jeffreyrease on September 28, 2011.

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