About Me

I am an all-around designer/art director and photographer in Birmingham, AL who captures children, high school seniors, models, engaged couples and families in unique natural light lifestyle portraits that just happen to fill the walls, mantles and bookcases of their homes! I’m now shooting weddings, as well! When people think of top portrait and wedding photography in the Birmingham area and beyond, I want them to think of me!

I don’t have a time limit on my photo sessions. When I book a photo session, I usually spend about 2 hours shooting with the client…sometimes less…sometimes more. I want them to be extremely happy with what I shoot. Shooting children, I get down on the floor or in the grass with them and capture them just being themselves. And I make art with their images. With seniors and engaged couples, I make it as fun as possible…I shoot it like I do my model sessions. They love it! Families get to be themselves without getting all dressed up and waiting around in some studio to shoot. I love to shoot right at their home or favorite location. The images show them naturally being who they are and loving each other.

For more information, please visit my website.




3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hey Jeff,

    Incredible photos! How did you get into this? Do I recall that you were headed to the mission field way back when? Thanks for “facebooking” me.

    Jim Pounds

  2. hello my name is Denise and I wanted to more about your photograph

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