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Relief Portraits Cause for Tuscaloosa Tornado Victims

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Today, I had the privilege to give a tiny bit of assistance to an event created by Miller Mobley, a New York City photographer and native of Tuscaloosa, AL along with his lovely wife Jana and much of their families and friends, right there in Tuscaloosa. Just blocks away from the horrible devastation of the tornado on April 27. American Christian Academy was the site, allowing us to use their gymnasium for Relief Portraits, a cause where families who had lost all or most of their belongings, particularly photographs and portraits that meant so much to them, could be brought in (many living in hotels or with friends or relatives) and have nice new portraits made and provided for them for free. Not only that, there was lots of clothes and food donated by local businesses, makeup artists were on hand to help make the women look their best (they did a wonderful job), and children had plenty to keep them busy and entertained while parents browsed the clothes. I was amazed to see the amount of donated time, talent and items for this event! I didn’t stay for the whole day, but I know there were over 50 portrait sittings while I was there.

Before I left Tuscaloosa, I drove further down 15th Street just blocks away to see the hardest hit area that is somewhat accessible, though I could see debris and downed trees everywhere I went..even at the school where the Relief Portraits event was held. I had only seen it previously on television and in online images. It is literally rubble as far as you can see from some areas. Like images of bombed out cities I’ve seen from WWII. But, it is clear that people are coming together to help each other and are optimistic about rebuilding. I’m sure there some very sad stories among the people who came in for the Relief Portraits event, but I didn’t see defeated faces there. I think what Miller set out to do was accomplished. Provide some hope. Some relief. Some smiles. Kudos to all who gave.

Senior Portraits with Brittany

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Brittany is my senior rep for a high school in the area and the daughter of an old friend. We did her photo shoot downtown. She is so easy to shoot with, and just an awesome girl. Very active in her school and other activities, she made a great makes a great model and spokesperson for my work among her friends and contacts.

Travel photography shooting with model Angie

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I had the wonderful opportunity to go down to Orange Beach, Alabama for the weekend and setup photo shoots with a couple of friends. My plan was to shoot some more bridal images and some beach swimsuit images. My bridal model had to go out of town, so that left me with more free time. However, my friend Angie said she knew someone who has a large sailboat and contacts with a sailing magazine looking for cover photos, and asked if I’d like to shoot on the sailboat for some magazine images. That sounded great to me. So we planned it out and less than an hour after I arrived at the beach I was on my way to meet Angie and go to the marina on the intra-coastal waterway. We hopped on board one friend’s sailboat to take us out to where her other friend was anchored out in the waterway. It was a beautiful boat and we shot until sundown.

The next day we went to Fort Morgan near Mobile Bay and did some shooting inside the old Civil War fort and then out on the nearby beach. I had a great time shooting, and was able to spend a little time with my brother and sister-in-law, and other friends, as well. I just hated coming back home.

Take a Look at These New Bridal Images with Megan!

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I’m really excited about some new bridal images I shot with Megan a few days ago! So much that I’m going ahead and posting the first few images I’ve processed before I do more…I couldn’t wait! Consider this a sneak peek. This was a bridal session only, and not during a wedding day with other things going on. So, Megan and I could take our time and try several different ideas. These were shot at a beautiful home in Greystone, south of Birmingham, AL. I hope you enjoy these and if you have any thoughts about shooting one of these with me, just remember it can be before your wedding day, during or even after a wedding. Even a couple of years after.

Photographing the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama

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As mentioned before, I did get the opportunity to shoot the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama yesterday. That included the Porsche 250 Grand Am Rolex Series race on Saturday, too. A full weekend. Very warm for April, but beautiful weather. Credentialed photographers had to be at a meeting in the Media Center at 7:30 am each morning to discuss safety issues and locations that are off-limits, etc. It was fun to see my photog friends Pete Collins and Jack Bains. Thanks, Jack, for letting me borrow your 300mm f/2.8 VR. I learned a few things. Like I still don’t like walking all over the motorsports park carrying several pounds of gear in the heat. And I still suck at shooting cars going 200 mph. But, if I shoot enough images I’m likely to get a few that do look good. And it sure is exciting to be just a few feet away from the howling engines, smell of burning rubber and fuel, some of the stars of racing and other celebrities, very fast action on the track and in the pits, standing right next to a three-foot guardrail when the cars scream by me ten or twenty feet away at 200+ mph, interesting people from all over the world, and capturing many of the details as I wander around the beautiful Barber Motorsports Park. I can’t wait until the next racing event to shoot!

Shooting with model Janet

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Many of the people I shoot with become friends for various reasons, but mostly because of the good rapport and fun time we have shooting together, we get to talk and know more about each other while shooting, and they truly are pleased with the results of the shoot. Who wouldn’t like that kind of interaction and result? One of the coolest models I’ve enjoyed being friends with and shooting is Janet. We shot together for the third time recently and I’m sure there will be more opportunities in the future. Janet is a wife and mother with a background in pageant work and fitness, having been a finalist in the Miss Alabama pageant and winner of the Mrs. Alabama pageant. She is a natural for shooting a wide range of ideas from fitness and exercise to family concepts to beauty, glamour and fashion. Here are just a few of the images from the recent shoot.